As State Senator, Jill Schupp has been a stalwart supporter and initiator of bills protecting our most vulnerable Missourians, upholding women’s rights, expanding healthcare access, creating economic growth and ensuring transparency in our government.

A few of her top priorities include:

Education & Children’s Wellbeing

Jill’s public service career began as a teacher. It is was her passion for public education that brought her to the legislature. Jill believes all kids deserve the opportunity to succeed, beginning with a quality public education.

She wants to make sure our schools, which serve as our community hubs, are appropriately resourced. She believes kids should be able to graduate from college without having to overcome a mountain of debt.

Whether it’s creating a career-readiness task force for students or ensuring teachers are equipped with suicide prevention training, Jill continues to advocate for Missouri’s youngest and most vulnerable.

In 2018, Jill worked across the aisle with then Lt. Governor Parson to close the loopholes in operating in-home child centers so that Missouri children are well cared for and this work continues.

And when a school voucher program was proposed that would have diminished the capabilities of public schools, Jill negotiated with colleagues to block the proposal.

Jill knows that children come to school with diverse backgrounds and needs. That is why the passage of her legislation to reach kids coming from situations of trauma was a victory for children and families this session.

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Healthcare Access & Reproductive Rights

Jill believes it is fiscally responsible and morally appropriate to ensure all Missourians have access to affordable healthcare, including those living in poverty. That is why she supports Medicaid expansion to give low-income people access to preventative care, keeping overall medical costs lower in the long run.

When Missourians’ healthcare was threatened with a Medicaid Block Grant that would decrease access to medical treatment, Jill worked to stop the bill in its tracks.

And Jill trusts women to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions. This past year, through frivolous, taxpayer-funded special sessions, women’s rights were trampled on. We need Jill in Jefferson City to protect women’s access to medically-accurate information and the healthcare services they need.

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Economic Development

As a member of the Senate Economic Development Committee, Jill works to provide incentives for businesses, big and small, to grow in Missouri. Jill is a proponent of Missouri Works training program, helping businesses expand by providing new jobs.

Jill has also worked to bring a “Benefit Corporation” designation to Missouri. Companies that receive this distinction go beyond profit making by including social responsibility goals as part of their mission. They must meet those goals to receive the designation, which attracts new investors.

Advocating through her legislation for Earned Paid Family And Medical Leave, Jill understands the importance of family-oriented benefits, which help attract and retain quality employees from around the globe.

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Gun Violence Prevention

Jill believes that policymakers must address the public health epidemic of gun violence that takes the lives of 35,000 Americans every year, nearly two-thirds of which are from suicide. Jill has introduced bills to save lives by requiring a 24-hour waiting period on the purchase of guns so that no one will be able to pull the trigger based on anger or sadness in a moment of despair.

And in 2018, she filed legislation that would prohibit a person who is subject to an order of protection or has been convicted of a domestic violence offense from possessing a firearm.

Her commitment to proposing common-sense public safety measures has earned her the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America candidate distinction.

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Government Ethics

Jill sponsored a bill that was unanimously passed in the Senate, and is now signed into law, to restore protections for government employees who blow the whistle on corruption, waste, fraud or abuse. This new law will go into effect August 28, 2018.

During her time in the Senate, Jill has authored legislation requiring campaign finance reform to rid Missouri of the dark money in politics. And she stood up to special interests by sponsoring ethics reform to end unlimited campaign contributions.

Jill supports the bipartisan ballot petition, Clean Missouri, which seeks to increase transparency and accountability in Missouri politics.

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