“When I was in 6th grade, a girl who was being bullied came to me to ask for help. In that moment, I realized that this girl saw something in me – she knew I would help. That sense of trust and responsibility has stayed with me and serves to guide my decisions as your State Senator.”

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4 days ago

Jill Schupp

The contributions- be they economic or cultural, from foreign-born Missourians make our communities stronger. It was an honor to talk with the community, International Institute St. Louis, St. Louis Mosaic Project, St. Louis Regional Chamber, and Rep. Tracy McCreery today as we work together to make our state and nation the place we know it can be for all of us. ...

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Jill Schupp
@JillSchuppNov 16
Putting final details on a bill to study Gun Violence asa Community Health and Safety issue ⁦⁦⁦@MomsDemandhttps://t.co/h3B6Fh3br2