Rep. Jill Schupp Launches State Senate Candidacy by Asking Voters Whether Their Priorities Align with Legislative Actions

Rep. Jill Schupp (D-88th) has launched her campaign for the 24th District of Missouri State Senate by asking voters whether their priorities align with actions taken by the General Assembly in recent sessions.

“I ask the voters of the 24th District whether the people of Missouri can trust their elected officials to do what’s right,” she said.

Schupp said that Missourians deserve leaders who share their values, who listen to their concerns, and “who can be trusted to provide common sense solutions to the problems that affect their lives.”

She said that extremists in the Republican-controlled legislature have “betrayed the voters’ trust” by wasting time on fringe issues and wasting taxpayers’ money on initiatives that do not benefit Missouri families.

“The legislature has spent its time fear-mongering, chasing phantom demons and manipulating debate rather than addressing the very real problems facing many Missourians,” she said. “We don’t need extreme politics. We need common-sense solutions.”

Schupp said that as a Senator her priorities will be education, healthcare and job creation.

“When leaders say one thing but do another, they betray the trust of the people they are supposed to represent,” she said.

She noted that the legislature claimed to be pro-family, to support job growth and to honor veterans – all while denying healthcare to 260,000 Missourians, slashing corporate taxes without requiring job creation, and pitting the needs of returning veterans against the needs of seniors and schoolchildren.

“If our children’s future is truly a priority, we must adequately fund the school foundation formula, as we promised. If economic development and job growth are true priorities, we must maintain our infrastructure and provide job training,” she said.

“Knowing that a state is only as strong as its most vulnerable citizens, we must make access to healthcare a priority,” she added.

“We spent a fraction of the time we needed on Medicaid expansion and job creation, but a vast amount of time turning victims of rape or incest who want the morning-after pill into criminals, and trying to make machine guns legal.”

She said those were “extremist issues and time wasters on a shameful scale.”

Schupp calls herself “an unshakeable advocate for the public good,” citing her record from five years in the legislature and 11 years on the school board, city council and local boards and commissions.

“As someone who has worked hands-on at the local level, I learned how to address real issues. It’s disingenuous to default to headline-grabbing rather than doing the hard work of legislating and making good public policy,” she said.

Schupp said three factors drove her to run for State Senate:

  • The wide gap between what the legislature has done and what voters want
  • The encouragement of community members, local business leaders and good-government activists
  • Her commitment to expanding healthcare, promoting job growth and improving the lives of children, women, and Missouri families.

“This is an election we can win. The voters in this District want good government. They want pragmatism, not political theater,” she added. “Voters want to be heard. They expect legislators to act fairly, openly and ethically. That’s just common sense. And it’s also commonly missing.”

Jill Schupp, 58, is a Democrat who represents the 88th District in the Missouri House of Representatives and has been elected to the House Minority Leadership Team since her first term in 2009.

She was first elected to the House in 2008 after serving on the Creve Coeur City Council, the Board of Education for the Ladue School District, the Creve Coeur Planning and Zoning Commission, and various other boards.

Previously she served as a senior vice president of a St. Louis-based advertising agency for 16 years. She is married to Mark Schupp and is the mother of two grown sons. She has been recognized for her public service by numerous organizations including being named as Creve Coeur Citizen of the Year. She was born in University City and is a graduate of Parkway North High School and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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