NORC Newsletter: A Message From Representative Jill Schupp, District 88

St. Louis NORC

April 2014 Newsletter

By Jill Schupp

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Dear NORC Friends and Neighbors,

Has it really been ten years?  The more years I’ve enjoyed, the faster they all seem to go!

NORC’s 10th Anniversary is truly a reason to celebrate.  Over the years, I have met or become re-acquainted with so many of you.  You have allowed me the pleasure of participating and connecting with you.  The relationships that have developed, and the strength and support you share bring joy to our lives. Together we have broken bread, celebrated, suffered loss and yet remained hopeful about the future. As a legislator, I tap into that feeling of hopefulness as I work to make good decisions about how we spend your taxpayer dollars, how we support your needs and how we leave a legacy of a better state.

Rather than focusing on issues to divide: those that remove all federal gun laws or prevent low income working families from accessing healthcare, I look to funding research and respite care for victims of Alzheimer’s and their families.  I continue to offer ways to reduce the tax burden on low income seniors on fixed income, and am determined to ensure that our young people graduate with a good education to become the teachers, leaders, employers, workforce and caregivers of tomorrow.

It is work I find meaningful, and I am so appreciative of the opportunity to serve. Time flies when you’re having fun!  As we celebrate NORC’s 10th Anniversary, I know there is plenty of fun in store.  May you always find ways to celebrate.

Hope to see you soon.

Jill Schupp

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