KTTS: Missouri Abortion Laws Debated Again In January

By: John Thomas
Posted: 5:49 PM, Nov 21, 2016

A Missouri state lawmaker wants to change Missouri abortion laws.

Creve Coeur Senator Jill Schupp says, “We have some provisions in Missouri law that I know are absolutely obstacles put in place in order to prevent or make it very, very difficult for a woman to access her reproductive rights.”

Schupp plans to sponsor legislation next session that would undo some abortion regulations.

“Those include a 72-hour waiting period,” says Schupp, “and a requirement a physician have privileges at a nearby hospital.”

Schupp’s legislation would also include ending requirements abortion clinics must have to operate as an outpatient surgical center.

A landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June struck down Texas’ abortion clinic laws that include those regulations saying they aren’t medically necessary.

Opponents of the decision say attorneys will try and determine if there are any legal avenues to allow Missouri’s abortion clinic laws to stand.

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