Jill Schupp is a Champion for the Middle Class She Supports Small Businesses and Quality Education for All

St. Louis Chinese American News

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

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State Rep. Jill Schupp, who is running for State Senate, was interviewed by Francis Yueh, chief editor of St. Louis Chinese American News.
        Jefferson City, MO – Jill Schupp is running for State Senate to protect middle class families, fight for small business owners and make education a priority.

        “Growing up in St. Louis County, I watched both my parents work long hours,” Schupp said. “We clipped coupons and shopped at discount stores to make ends meet. Today, more and more families are finding it harder to make ends meet.”

        Schupp is the Democratic candidate for Missouri’s 24th State Senate District, which includes parts of Ballwin, Creve Coeur, Olivette, Overland, St. Ann and other communities.

        “I will fight for economic policies that support a strong middle class,” she said. “The well-being of families should always come before the special interests.”

        Schupp, a wife, mother of two, and former small business executive, has been active in public service in our community for decades. She has volunteered on many committees and boards and was elected first to the Ladue School Board, serving two terms as president; then to the Creve Coeur City Council; and as State Representative for the past six years.

        “Small businesses are the economic engine of our community and state. In the State Senate, I will work to promote policies that help small businesses succeed and grow,” Schupp said. “We have the opportunity to continue to build our community’s strengths in the fields of biotechnology and research. Encouraging growth in these areas through good public policy can help in our quest for cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”

        Schupp will continue to support policies that keep our seniors on fixed incomes from being forced from their homes because of rising property taxes.

        She believes improving our education system should be a higher priority. “Our children deserve a quality education from preschool to high school and beyond to enable them to compete in today’s competitive global economy,” Schupp said.

        She understands that access to colleges and universities is critical to our young people’s future success. She will work to lower student debt. “We can’t expect young people to achieve economic success when they graduate with a mountain of debt,” Schupp said.

        During six years as a State Representative, Schupp has stood up to big special interests. She sponsored ethics reform to end unlimited campaign contributions and fought efforts to shift the tax burden onto the middle class.

        “I take pride and pleasure in working hard and collaboratively to get things done,” she said. “My focus always is what is best for the people of the community, not special interests.

        Schupp said it would be an “honor” to serve the community as a State Senator. “Thank you for considering providing your support.”

        For more information, please visit http://www.JillSchupp.com


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