MO Senatour… Post 4

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Missourians know, our state is especially beautiful during the Fall. Mark and I have enjoyed our travels along the roads flanked by burgundy, red, orange, yellow, gold and green foliage as we crossed the state to visit my colleagues to the north and west of home.

While I hope you enjoy my pictures, treat yourself to some spectacular photos from Mark’s continuing golf adventures by checking out his Facebook page: And, please read below to as I attempt to recapture some of …

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Welcome to MoSenatour

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Mark and I hit the road about 930 Friday morning. We were excited about our adventure as we headed off to Hermann, Missouri via the back roads as much as was possible. The scenery was beautiful to look at, including huge acreage of tall, healthy-looking corn stalks. (I can’t tell food from feed or fuel… but I did see green and tall!)

You’ll see some pictures of cows and countryside as we made our way to Hermann, traveling  …

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