Veto Session: An Epic Failure

Senator Jill Schupp, Representative Tracy McCreery, and Representative Deb Lavender are joined by freshman State Representative and newly elected Vice Chair of the House Minority Caucus Crystal Quade from Springfield. The electeds lament the legislature’s failure to save in-home health care services for 8,300 low-income seniors and people with disabilities. 

Important Links: HCB 3, Censure Resolution, House Audio Archive, Senate Audio Archive

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Special Session 2: The Fate of Repro Rights

Senator Jill Schupp, Representative Tracy McCreery are joined by guests Alison Dreith of NARAL Missouri and M’Evie Mead of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Missouri to discuss the fate of reproductive health care in Missouri after the conclusion of the second special session.

Important Links: Senate Bill 5 

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Rep. Martha Stevens on Rural Health Policy

Representative Martha Stevens of Columbia is joined by Missouri Rural Crisis Center’s Dina Van Der Zalm for a discussion on realities of rural health policy. They cover economics, opioid epidemic, and how to get involved.

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Heads Up in the Interim

The legislative session has wrapped and here’s what you can expect of Heads Up, Missouri! in the interim.

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Special Session: Utilities

The Governor called special session to push controversial utilities legislation. This legislation is weedy and deserved more than rushed debate. Senator Schupp, Representative McCreery, and Representative Lavender sit down to discuss the bill and it’s potential implications.

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Week of May 10, 2017

Midweek update on the last week of session featuring: PDMP, circuit breaker, and REAL ID. It gets a little emotional at the end, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Week of May 3, 2017

What happens when the supermajority’s infighting impacts how bills move? Sen. Schupp, Rep. McCreery, and Rep. Arthur discuss what it looks like in both chambers.

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Week of April 26, 2017

Sens. Curls, Schupp and Reps. Arthur, Lavender, and McCreery give a quick update about the situation in the Senate (particularly around Sen. Schaaf and Gov. Greitens), and then discuss the state of the budget and minimum wage legislation. 

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Week of April 19, 2017

Rep. McCreery and Sen. Schupp are joined by Jill Kline and Alex Townsend to discuss industrial hemp, CBD, and diversity in the Democratic Party. If you’re in STL and are interested in becoming a long lasting participant in Missouri progressive politics, this episode gives you more information.

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Week of April 12, 2017

Sen. Schupp, Rep. Lavender, and Rep. McCreery discuss the dangerous state of gun legislation in statute and the legislature, the whole litany of conflict of interest legislation (ranging from veterinarian statute of limitation to discrimination tort), and we start on education transfer legislation. 

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