Dear Friends,

Challenges and opportunities abound in Missouri.  My candidacy for the 24th State Senate District, which serves the people of West and North St. Louis County, combines my legislative experience with a determination to focus on long term common sense solutions to the real and pressing issues of our time.

Currently, the Missouri legislature wastes a vast amount of time on political gamesmanship.  Outrageous distractions such as nullification of federal gun laws and a return to the gold standard detract from the good work that should be done to support Missourians.

The current student transfer situation is an example of where the Legislature, led by extremists, has moved the state in the wrong direction.   Members of the legislature say they care about children, but the leaders have turned their backs on our schools and allowed districts to fail.  We have a responsibility to get back on the right track. Our region and our state deserve smart, thoughtful, long-term solutions.

Please join me in the effort to restore trust and balance to the Missouri Senate.  I ask for your support, and invite you to get involved and to keep in touch.

Together, we will spread the promise of finding common sense solutions to our state’s most pressing issues.