Dear Friends,

Challenges and opportunities abound in Missouri.  My candidacy for the 24th State Senate District, which serves the people of West and North St. Louis County, combines my legislative experience with a determination to focus on long term, common sense solutions to the real and pressing issues of our time.

It is past time in Missouri for common-sense fiscal responsibility and ethics reform, focused on helping Missouri citizens, not special interests.

In the final day of the past legislative session, extremist leaders pushed through tax breaks for narrow special interest groups, busting a hole in the budget, which will compromise our long-term economic growth, education, and ability to attract and create jobs.  These special interest exemptions were not accounted for in the Fiscal Year 2015 budget passed by the Legislature, and will result in deep cuts to education and other services vital to Missourians.  To pay for these giveaways, services provided by the state will be reduced by up to $500 million dollars annually, with additional cuts of $159 million in St. Louis County. And once again, extremist leaders failed to advance ethics reform legislation, which would impose campaign contribution limits and stop the revolving door, which allows someone to be a legislator one day, and a special-interest lobbyist the next.

Please join me in the effort to restore a government that works in a fiscally responsible manner for all of us, not for the special interests. I ask for your support in my Missouri Senate race, and invite you to get involved and to keep in touch.

Together, we will spread the promise of finding common sense solutions to our state’s most pressing issues.