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Dear Friends,

Growing up in St. Louis, I watched both parents work long hours, clip coupons and shop at discount stores to stretch their paychecks. Today, sadly, too many middle class families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

I am running for State Senate in Missouri’s 24th District to put our families ahead of special interests. Here’s how I will do it:

Put middle class economic needs first. I will fight efforts to shift the tax burden onto the middle class and work to give Missouri businesses first crack at state contracts, so we can keep our jobs and tax dollars at home.

Make education a priority again. A first step is helping end special interest giveaways that siphon education funds from the state budget. And I propose tuition caps at Missouri colleges and universities so more students can afford the education needed to land good paying jobs in today’s tough economy.

Defend a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. I trust women to know what is best for them and I will protect their access to affordable contraception.

Tireless Advocate for victims of violence, including sexual violence. Even before my service in Jefferson City, I worked to support children and other vulnerable populations including those suffering from trauma. In Jefferson City, I introduced Nathan’s Law and other legislation to help protect our children from dangerous situations and those who might do them harm. As a mother and former elementary school teacher, protecting and supporting our children is at the heart of who I am:  an unalterable core value. Just recently, I was recognized by St. Louis Ending Violence Against Women Network for my work fighting for victims of intimate partner violence.

My public service began at the grassroots level as a member of the Ladue School Board, then on the Creve Coeur City Council and, for the last six years, as State Representative.

In Jefferson City I stood up to big special interests, sponsored ethics reform to end unlimited campaign contributions and fought efforts to shift the tax burden onto the middle class.

My focus is doing what is best for the community, not for special interests. And I have earned a reputation as someone who works collaboratively to get things done.

As a wife, mother of two and former small business executive, I understand the challenges facing today’s families.

I ask for your support and your vote on November 4th. Together, we will make Missouri greater.


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Jill Schupp